An American social reformer and writer, Fredrick Douglass once wrote-“it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” though he wrote these lines in the context of slavery, but it also holds true in relation to education.

Education gives strength to the children to become strong adults and be successful in future.

Education is so much important in a child’s life that it marks the foundation of his success later in life and decides on whether he will turn out to become a happy and content adult or an emotionally shattered and depressed individual.

We will one day hand over the control of our nation to our children and if they are not educated well to take up the responsibility the goals that we have set for development will remain unaccomplished.

A nation which doesn’t spends much on child education; forever, remains in the grasp of poverty and misery not only suffering today but also destroying its tomorrow.

A child is the key to the success of a nation and education is the key to success of a child. It is only when a child succeeds that the nation will.

The purpose of education in a child’s life can be many- learning skills, developing curiosity and creativity, instilling discipline developing strength and endurance, communicating, observation , competition and personality, development to name only few. If we give our children the opportunity to good education, we are handling the key to their success and the success of the nation as well.

Nearly 70 million children across the globe didn’t get the opportunity to go to school, out of which 32 million are residing in African countries alone. Some of the worst affected are the African nations like- Chad, Central African Republic, Niger, Guinea, Mali, Sudan and Liberia. South central Asian country . Afghanistan also gains a rank in the worst top ten when it comes to child education.

It is established fact that the education of children is imperative to the development of a nation and both are related in direct proportion. That is, a poor state of child education reflects a damaged economy and an underdeveloped nation while a good state of child education reflects a progressive and developing nation.

Nation needs to spend more on child education if they want to achieve the United Nation’s “Goals of Sustainable Development By 2030”. Though, the things are improving but still a lot is needed to be done.

Reasons why education is so important for children

The importance of education for children’s is an established fact with many countries around the world spending more on education of their children mostly the age group of 5

to 16.

Education is the key to success

The overall mental and physical development of a child depends on the education that he is given. Childhood is a stage when essential qualities like learning ability, inquisitiveness, curiosity, deciding ability are developed along with emotional, social and moral development.

Education is the key to impart all the good qualities in a child, so that he grows up to become happy, healthy and qualified adult who contributes to the growth of the nation at the same time moving on the path of success.

Self Esteem

Education installs the feeling of self esteem and pride in young minds. Childhood is an age when children communicate, develop confidence, and compete to earn rewards and earn praises from parents and teachers. Such praises and rewards improve the overall personality of a child and a vital for the development of his/her self esteem. For any child to become a productive adult, it is very important that he or she has a good esteem.

Builds confidence

Education is a continuous and ongoing process of learning, which develops confidence in children. The exposure at school develops many abilities in children and confidence is also one of them. They learn new things, analyze it in their own perspective and raise their doubts, if needed. They also undergo various extracurricular activities like- sports, painting, drawing etc. All such activities collectively develop confidence in children and make them future ready. An uneducated child on the other hand lacks such confidence to take on the challenges of life.

Develops Concentration

Education is a constant process of learning and grasping, which ultimately improves the concentration level of a child. Mind is like a machine; it needs to be used to make it efficient. Only a child who goes regularly to school and faces test has concentrated mind. A concentrated child is more focused on his needs and goals. He also has a vision of his path to success and can concentrate on it; knowing that he can overcome any obstacle with his education.

Social strength of the nation

Child education is crucial for strengthening the social fabric of a nation. A child learns his social skills in the early years of his education. It is the time when children learn to interact with classmates, family, relatives and even strangers also understand their culture and values to their adulthood strengthening the nation’s social fabric. A well educated child will lead the nation onto the path of harmony, unity and progress.


Education for children is as much important for children as it is important for the nation. Since children are the future of the nation. The economic and social development of a nation depends on how it educates its children and make them future ready. Education is the most important constituent of a child’s life, on which his/her future depends.

Education decides that how a child behaves, faces challenges and threats, learns, introspects, aspires and above all has a desire and will to achieve.

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