The oxford advanced English dictionary defined school as a place where children are taught. Schooling itself can be defined as an act of training one, or teaching him/her to have a certain skill, type of behavior or way of thinking. When these are achieved, one can be said to have schooled. These process is incomplete without a professional called ‘TEACHER’’

From the definition above, it can be deduced that only knowledgeable person, in their respective area of specialization can properly train others or get them schooled in their various fields of interest.

In our society today, we have different professionals who has acquired adequate special knowledge on how to handle the societal problem in their various areas of specialization. E.g. the vehicle which we use are built by engineers to prevent the stress of tracking to cover a defined distance, Doctors diagnoses and prescribes drugs that cure the ailment of the sick in the society, insurers bear the burden of loss or damage of personal/ co-operate properties after accepting premium from such person or entity, Bankers keeps in their custody, money and valuable items of members of the society, Biologist gets the society schooled on proper ways of taking care of human body and that of plants and animals to ensure healthy living etc. reason is that they have earlier acquired proper training in their various fields which overtime, has built confidence in handling challenges in their various areas specializations in them.

The acquisition of knowledge / schooling could be done domestically or in a defined place called school, but considering proper education with appropriate learning facilities, it is better done in a defined institution. Therefore, after thorough evaluation and understanding of the meaning of the word SCHOOL’’ and to be SCHOOLED’’, COLEGIO MARIA CANO set up her institution of learning in Malabo, in the year 2014 with first class knowledgeable teachers in their different field of study to handle the impartation of knowledge /education/ schooling of students who are privileged to be enrolled in such areas.

The question now is, does the hiring of adequately trained persons to teach in a school ensure proper schooling? Of course the answer is an emphatic ‘’NO’’ because required facilities to ensure quality learning has to be in place to support the effort of the teachers. all these COLEGIO MARIA CANO has put in place to ensure adequate learning of the pupil/students and peace impartation of knowledge on the side of the teachers. For example, COLEGIO MARIA CANO has set up well equipped and modernized science laboratory where teachers take students through series of experiment to confirm the theoretical aspect of the study which they did in class. This makes learning easier and more practicable.

More so, in support of the adage which says “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’’, the school (COLEGIO MARIA CANO) provided good recreational facilities for learners to relax their brains with during break period. This helps them to ease off tension and get their minds prepared for next section of the days learning.

Counsellors are also employed to monitor and instruct learners to behave rightly and not in ways that corrupt public, private or religious manners (i.e. moral instructions), which long run positive effect to the society can never be over emphasized.

Derok Bok, a professor of Harvard university states and I quote “if education is expensive, then try ignorance”. Do not be discouraged by what you give in exchange for your child’s or wards quality schooling. A critical study of this article will live the reader with no choice than to appreciate the fact that COLEGIO MARIA CANO is a school that direct her effort to seeing that her pupils/ students enjoys such learning. This can be seen through her activities which defines school as revealed in this article.

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